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AI Analytics 

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The Face Recognition (FR)

We transform your cameras into intelligent machines capable to identify any person of interest.

The Face Recognition (FR) feature allows you to identify persons using video streams from your cameras. Recognized faces are compared with the pre-defined database and for every match, a record is added to the archive. This record consists of: time and date of recognition, name of the recognized person, confidence level, camera ID and links to the corresponding video archive files. Using this information users can quickly review and access specific footage from the end-user portal.

To achieve reliable face recognition, it is required to properly place and configure the camera, enable and adjust appropriate event detection on the camera. Any of the camera modules that generate motion events can be used and the best option (simple motion detection, line crossing, intrusion, etc.) will depend on the specific scene conditions and camera positioning.

Object Detection and Tracking

Object detection and tracking are made possible by technology that allows the software to separate a designated object—which could be a person or an inanimate object, such as a purse—from the background and foreground of a video frame.

After the system identifies an object, which could be a suspicious person, vehicle, or item, it can issue alerts for real-time object tracking. The analytics can also provide better incident response because operators can see all video frames simultaneously and across different times, which allows for faster reaction in adverse incidents. 

Since object detection and tracking can be used in combination with other technologies, such as motion sensors and crowd monitoring analytics, it can enhance situational awareness [2]. Single and multi-object tracking analytics are available.

Smart Alerts

You can create alert rules based on any ONVIF compliant events from the camera or on server-side analytics recognition. Any number of cameras can be included in a single alert and any number of users can be receiving notifications simultaneously. 

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